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Responsibility for People and the Environment

Looking into the Future

Our Commitment to Environmental Protection

The continuous quality improvement of our services is the prerequisite for the continued existence of allomess GmbH and the reason for the introduction of a quality management system.


Furthermore, we are committed to environmental protection. The orientation of our business activities is geared towards compliance with labour and environmental regulations. Our employees are responsible for continuous development and implementing of a zero-defect strategy. We focus on quality and environmental awareness within our internal communication.

All of our employees have the same opportunities. We are always encouraging with regards to further training and support. Our staff is our most valuable asset. In order to support their health and safety, we have created a healthy working environment with special lighting, excellent air conditioning in the production facilities and underfloor heating in the entire building.

We feel a connection not only to our employees, but also to the environment. Our commitment is to go beyond the requirements of ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. The entire IT infrastructure reduces the use of paper to the bare minimum. We now completely cover the electricity demand for the day shift with our own solar system. In addition, we are early adaptors of electric vehicles. We provide a 22 KW charging station for our customers as well.

We are committed to further environmental improvements and innovations to conserve resources.

As a service company, it is only possible for us to pay attention to partners who are committed to the RoHS & REACH directives when selecting suppliers. We are therefore constantly in contact with our suppliers about this topic and point out to them the problems and constraints associated with the directives.

Our Ethical Principles

  • The social interaction in our company is based on the applicable human rights and anti-discrimination guidelines. This means that everyone has equal opportunities in our company, regardless of gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation or physical or intellectual-cognitive limitation.
  • Our dealings with third parties are based on an attitude of trust and respect, including a disregard for child labour and unfair competition. In our relationships with customers, suppliers and employees, we strive for transparency, longevity and stability.
  • We are committed to complying with current legislation. This includes, among other things, data protection in accordance with the GDPR, but also, for example, guidelines on occupational safety and pandemic measures.
  • Ecological action is a high priority for us. We do not see environmentally friendly technologies as a must, but rather as an opportunity and prefer them whenever possible.

Our Sponsoring - Local and Beyond

We regularly support local associations and events. These include, among others:

  • Hückeswagen Live
  • Fire Brigade Festival Remscheid, unit Bergisch Born
  • And other festivals that take place in Hückeswagen, Bergisch Born and the surrounding area

For many years we have enthusiastically supported the Walkenhorst / Winter beach volleyball team on their training path to the 2020 Olympics. Unfortunately, the team has decided to go their separate ways in 2020.


Our Initiative "Security" of the Companies West II

After a series of 18 burglaries in the first half of 2014, the resident companies of the industrial area Hückeswagen West II joined forces to form a community. Together, we commissioned a security and locking company, which has been successfully providing security in the industrial area ever since.