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Optical Measuring Systems from our own Development

Contract measurement technology meets innovation

The right measuring method and the use of suitable measuring equipment are crucial to quality assurance. Standardised measuring procedures make things easier. It is essential to continuously analyse and optimise the existing measuring systems for their suitability with regards for the required inspection.

Our development department employs 15% of our staff - this figure alone says a lot about our innovative strength.

Our first priority is the tasks and challenges we have to solve for our customers. The first analysis often shows that measuring systems and the corresponding software must be developed in-house or existing systems must be expanded according to individual needs. The use of our own technologies makes it possible to meet the growing demands of our customers in the area of quality assurance in a precise and targeted manner.

Our feeding technology is individually adapted. We guarantee a smooth test sequence for mass-produced parts, controlled by SAP software.

Flexible and Safe with our own System Concept

In what is now the fourth generation, we are constantly developing our own exclusive measuring systems that cannot be found on the market, this results in a high degree of flexibility and safety. By fully networking all processes, we live Industry 4.0 every day.

Project Examples of Self-Developed Systems

Over the last few years, we developed many innovations in cooperation and constant communication with our customers.

  • System for checking the surface quality of turned components with sealing surfaces
  • System for optical measurement of abrasive sleeves using high-resolution cameras, taking into account possible "skew" caused by the manufacturing process
  • System for 360° inspection of elastomers such as O-rings and ribbed rings
  • Equipment for the evaluation of colour defects on elastomers
  • Equipment for evaluating the surface quality of scratches and chips on sintered componentsn
  • Facility for 360° evaluation of internal threads with combined optical measurement
  • Equipment for 360° evaluation of bore quality (bore grooves), 360° evaluation of outer diameters (groove grinding) in combination with high-precision optical measurement

Learning from mistakes

Test Evaluations as a Basis for further Optimisation

The statistical test evaluation is carried out according to the respective measurement specifications. On the basis of this evaluation, we can control and monitor process optimisations. Tests can thus be made more practical. At the same time, the production of the components can be optimised.

Vision 2025

The Path to Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 is seen as the direct cooperation between humans and robots.

This is precisely the vision we are currently working on. In 2025, we want to be supporting our order planning with artificial intelligence.

In addition, we are already taking into account the long-term use of so-called AGVs (automated guided vehicles) in all our decisions. This will make the entire infrastructure more efficient and be able to react with even more flexibly to customer wishes.