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Packaging with a Demand for Quality

Precision beyond Inspection

Our demand for precision does not stop at inspection and sorting. Piece-precise packaging of the parts is equally important. High-precision and testedcounting scales, an automatic packaging system or a form-fill-seal system are employed for this. The goods are packed and labelled in a variety of ways at one of our six packing stations.

The entire building is equipped with underfloor heating, including the packaging and logistics facilities. The goods are therefore not exposed to temperature fluctuations, which protects them from material changes.

When it comes to packaging, we adhere to your requirements and wishes. In this case you provide the packaging.

  • VCI bags
  • PE bags
  • PP bags
  • Welded bags
  • Pressure seal bag
  • ...
  • Folding cartons
  • Inverted top cartons
  • 1/4 containers
  • ...
  • Metal boxes
  • Plastic boxes
  • ...
  • KLT 3147
  • KLT 3215
  • KLT 4147
  • KLT 4228
  • KLT 4314
  • ...

All packaging is provided with labels. These are either provided by you or designed and printed by us according to your wishes:

  • According to customer requirements
    • Large / Small
    • Insertable (KLT) / self-adhesive (carton)
    • With barcode / without barcode
    • With logo / without logo
    • Individual texts
  • Standardised according to VDA-4902
    • Large
    • Small
    • Insertable
    • Self-adhesive
  • ...
  • With your company logo
  • With your end customer's logo
  • With allomess logo
  • With allomess logo
  • With item description
  • With item description
  • With order number
  • With PU filling quantity
  • With barcodes
  • With special texts
  • In colour or b/w
  • ...

In Operation around the Clock

Logistics as Part of the Testing Job

We are on duty for our customers 24 hours a day. Our own fleet includes an 18-ton truck, which is additionally equipped with a 14-ton trailer that grows into a 32-ton truck. Once the order is completed, we pick up the goods on site and deliver on schedule. You provide the test parts sorted, dry and free of oiling and contamination along with sufficient empty containers for OK and NOK goods. We guarantee a smooth testing job.