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Focus on Quality Control

Orientation for Planning and Action

Rules, values and goals determine our daily work and corporate planning. Our mission statement expresses the goals we strive to pursue, what is important to us and what we stand for. On the foundation of this corporate culture we are constantly developing - towards a successful future.


As a service provider for optical measuring, sorting, packaging, labelling and transport of mass-produced parts, we are a leader in terms of flexibility, speed and quality. We strive to tackle challenges and solve problems with our services. This means we are constantly seeking improvement and innovation.

The central goal is to improve the productivity and quality assurance of our customers. It is vital to reduce the number of rejected parts and necessary rework. Quality assurance requires the correct measuring procedure with the right equipment. We continuously analyse and optimise the existing measuring systems for their suitability in all required inspections. We check our system with every order and adapt it to the required settings with the goal of achieving the highest possible measuring accuracy

We have been building our own measuring systems since 2014. Our motivation and vision is to constantly develop and optimise our systems until they meet all the requirements. We are constantly optimising production through further automation and corresponding devices. We offer versatile possibilities for measurement planning as well as customised software with customer and industry-specific documentation offers. Furthermore, we develop measuring methods and the appropriate software. Our feeding technology is individually adapted and we guarantee a smooth test sequence for massproduced parts. The use of our own technologies enables us to meet the growing demands of our customers in the area of quality assurance in a precise and targeted manner.


Our most important principle is: 100% quality in both work and dealing with others. We treat each other and our business partners in a friendly, open, honest and collective way.

Teamwork is crucial to us. We have an "open door" culture. We encourage openness and transparency with all employees.


We are proud of what we can do today but we are never standing still. We are constantly evolving with an eye on the future.

Currently, we are integrating a completely new software into our testing systems. These enhancements allow more flexibility, speed and real-time data visualisation for digital manufacturing. In addition, we have started to prepare for autonomous industrial trucks. So, in the future, artificial intelligence developed in-house can be used for the local infrastructure. As a result, we can respond with even more flexibility to customer requests. It is our vision to support our complete order planning process with artificial intelligence by 2025.